Matthew Alcott

Matthew Alcott

I went into the dealership to test drive a used Scion iM. Upon entering the vehicle, the salesperson (Samantha) pointed out that it was a standard. Since I’ve never driven a manual transmission vehicle before, I told her that I won’t be able to test drive the vehicle; regardless, I expressed that I was still interested and willing to learn.

Samantha managed to pull some strings and found another Toyota employee, Damian, who was kind enough to drive it for me.
After Damian drove it around the block, he offered to let me have a try at driving a standard.

We went to an empty road near Kelsey Drive and I gave it a shot. Damian and Samantha were both very patient with me as I took my time learning how to drive the car. Damian carefully instructed me on how to handle a manual transmission. Samantha and Damian were very easy to get along with and I had a lot of fun!

After some negotiation, I left the lot to consider the offer. Afraid of losing the car, I soon went back to the dealership to sign the papers. With Samantha’s help, she made the process very smooth. I traded in my old Mazda 3 with ease, and Renee in financing patiently guided me along the final process to set up payments with my bank.

Overall, I could not ask for a better experience in purchasing a car. The folks at Toyota went above and beyond in making this process easier. I never expected to get a driving lesson!

Thank you 🙂